I’m a philosopher of science, working and living in Aarhus in Denmark. 

I’m employed as Associate Professor (with tenure) by Aarhus University, Denmark’s second largest university, and one of the Top 100 research universities world-wide (for what it’s worth).

I’m a member of the Centre for Science Studies, located at the Department of Mathematics and am associated with the Research Unit for Epistemology, Metaphysics, and Philosophy of Cognition at the Department of Culture and Society.

Since January 2016, I’m the PI of the research group on Intuitions in Science and Philosophy.

My research interests are in several areas in the philosophy of science: criteria of theory-choice / theory assessment, rationality, the thesis of theory-ladenness of observations, explanation, the realism debate, thought experiments and intuitions. Usually my research combines philosophical with historical methods.

Previously I worked, studied, and lived in Konstanz (DE), Birmingham (UK), Stockholm (SE), Pittsburgh (US), Leeds (UK), Montreal (CA), and Osnabrueck (DE). I was born and raised in the Frankfurt Rhine-Main region.

Download my cv here.