Upcoming talks

Recent talks

  • “Explanatory liberalism and structural necessitation”
    • ECAP, Munich, August
    • EPSA, Exeter, September

Previous peer-reviewed major conferences

Previous peer-reviewed workshops and smaller conferences

  • The History of Science and Contemporary Realism, IUPUI, Indianapolis, Feb 19-20 2016
  • Bergen Philosophy of Science workshop, University of Bergen
  • Testing Philosophical Theories Against the History of Science, Oulu Centre for Theoretical and Philosophical Studies of History, University of Oulu, Finland, Sept. 2015
  • New Thinking about Scientific Realism, University of Pretoria, Cape Town, South Africa (2014)
  • Summer Workshop of the International Society for Philosophy of Chemistry, Chemical Heritage Foundation and University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia (2009)
  • Data-Phenomena-Theories workshop, University of Heidelberg (2008)
  • Novel Predictions, University of Düsseldorf (2011)
  • Workshop on the Philosophy of Scientific Experiment, University of Pittsburgh (2010)
  • Joint History and Philosophy of Science Workshop, UK (2007, 2008)
  • Annual Meeting of the Danish Philosophical Society (2012-5)

Previous invited lectures

… at the universities of Amsterdam (Dept of Philosophy and Stevin Centre), Belgrade (Philosophy), Bern (HPS), Bielefeld (Philosophy), Durham (Philosophy), Konstanz (Philosophy; Zukunftskolleg), Leiden (Philosophy), Utrecht (HPS), and Wuppertal (IZWT)


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